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 ÑƒÑ‚илизация автомобилей за 50 000 рублей

Why do we need car recycling?


Every day there are more and more abandoned cars, pay attention, in almost every yard there is a lonely car left by its owner as useless. Occupying a precious parking space, often becoming overnight stays for the homeless, as a rule, such a car causes a lot of discontent among local residents, but most importantly, such a used vehicle is very serious and dangerous environmental hazard because internal mechanisms and materials can cause the release of hazardous gases into the atmosphere, leakage into the soil, cause a fire, etc.

What can be recycled?

  SV Autohof will gladly accept any kind of transport for scrap!


When it is time to hand over cars for recycling?

Like any thing, a car has its life term. It can be long or short, depending on how you used the vehicle. And then the owner have a question: how to recycle cars?

The main thing is to do everything safely. Let's look at the main reasons for recycling:

1. The car is too old, it is worn out or is no longer subject to recovery after an accident

2. Technical defect

3. Car theft

4. The desire to buy a new, more comfortable, economical and reliable vehicle

                                                               How to economically get rid of cars?

The main question for the car owner, how much does it cost to recycle a car? The cost of disposal is considered very individually.
We offer the highest price for your vehicle.

Through the SV Autohof company it is easy and affordable for everyone to recycle cars in Latvia. We offer excellent conditions: we carry out all the procedures legally, we will arrange all the documents for you, we will evacuate your car in the territory of Latvia, European countries, Scandinavia and Russia. after disposal we will issue You a certificate.

The question of recycling sooner or later confronts every car owner. The choice is Yours, conduct it yourself or trust professionals who will not let you down and save you nerves and money? The answer is obvious! We are waiting for your calls!