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Complete dry cleaning of the car by our experts provides for a representative type of cabin in the car. We make general cleaning with obligatory processing of all surfaces using specialized chemicals.

Full dry cleaning of the car includes:

  • ceiling cleaning
  • dashboard cleaning
  • seat cleaning
  • door cleaning
  • floor cleaning
  • trunk dry-cleaning
  • glass cleaning

In our salon we perform high-quality professional dry-cleaning of the car, the prices of which are available for everyone. Qualitative result is possible only due to the high training of our specialists in the field of theoretical knowledge about the features of processing all surfaces of the car, and practical skills in working with modern high-tech equipment.

Complex car dry-cleaning

Comprehensive cleaning of the car's interior includes the removal of stains and stubborn dirt, polishing, every square centimeter care, starting with cleaning the floor of the car and ending with the luggage compartment.

If people smoke in the car, use fast food products, transport animals, dairy products or wine were spilled, the car owner has to fight with the “invisible enemy” - a smell that is not always possible to cope on its own with an ordinary car cosmetics. When ordering the cleaning of the car in our salon, you will easily get rid of this problem and take care of the microclimate of the interior of your car. We will protect your car from harmful bacteria and resistant unpleasant smell  with the help of hypoallergenic cleaning products.


Doing auto-dry cleaning once or twice a year, you not only prolong the operation of the car, but also ensure a comfortable ride and preservation of health. Turning to our salon, you will be surprised at the affordable prices and the optimal timing of the work to transform your car and return it to an ideal state. We offer one of the lowest prices for car dry cleaning in Riga

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